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About NOVA Tastings

NOVA Tastings is a locally owned beverage branding and sampling agency covering VA, DC, and MD that breaks all the “Used Car” agency mentalities! We are passionate, energetic, and educated about your products! We are an extension of your staff in the market, representing you in off-premise establishments. Our Brand Ambassadors, called Super NOVAs, are highly interactive with consumers while discussing your products. We perform for 4 hours in key retailers, bring the energy and drive sales!


Virginia is a unique state that has the most chains vs. independents in the United States. Northern Virginia, DC, and Western MD are driven through chain IRI Data. With over 40 years combined experience in the 3-tier beverage system, allow us to help you navigate these obstacles. With over 50 vetted brand influencers, we are licensed and Insured. Give us a call today!

Suppliers & Distributors

We work directly with chain management, targeting store locations and peak traffic patterns, to maximize your sampling dollars. We offer well-trained 1099 and W2 employees with General & Liquor Liability and Comp.

We can….

  • process scan data within a chains organization to better maximize the growth of your product and protect your investment through strategic fact-based account targeting!
  • receive real-time reporting from our team in the field. This allows us to immediately address any product concerns, team punctuality, distributor display executions, and locating back stock before the event begins.
  • offer consumer interactions for your social media platforms promoting your “Campaign" and give consumer demographic reporting with feedback.
  • provide all Store Management contacts associated with the event for follow-ups and rebuy opportunities to reduce inventory gaps quickly.

We offer a clear line of communication between all parties. We are your 1 stop liaison as we can negotiate display space, QD's, programming, sampling, POS execution set up, and delivery. Prior to any event, we work with the distributor of your delivered product to prevent any mishaps and understand at times the product can be in back stock for our team to execute.


We would love to be your #1 choice for all your suppliers for promotional opportunities based around product flow and temporary price reductions. As an insured agency, we can offer you a Certificate of Insurance.

We can…

  • target stores based on location and peak traffic patterns to maximize sales or separate competition.
  • offer direct transparency on brand strength through purchase demographics.
  • gather display, consumer, and POS pictures to support the program.
  • support you during grand openings and rebranding events through samplings.
  • help develop cross-merchandising opportunities throughout the banner to support higher consumer GP.
  • return any unused product to the Pick 6 or Management to support inventory gain.
  • warehousing and distributing POS for give-away items during promotional events.

NOVA Tastings has invested in software that allows us to use geo-tracking for our SuperNOVA influencers, with real-time reporting for product concerns, clock-ins, display pictures before and after events, consumer interactions, and set up. We also offer contact information by event for follow-ups and rebuys, monthly support materials based around target objectives, PFP’s, and audits. Consumer demographic data and insights by the event are also included upon request.



Kelly LeVine

Kelly LeVine

Kelly has been around the beverage industry for over 20 years. NOVA tastings was built because of the lack of "in market best practices". Education on the brands we represent, combined with punctuality, understanding the industry, how to find back stock, and a great smile will carry you along way!
Jeff LeVine

Jeff LeVine

Jeff has served on all 3-Tiers for almost three decades in the beverage industry. He has been a keynote speaker on education, principles, and ethics at multiple distributor and brewery functions. He has also been a Panelist at the NBWA and BA Events and continues to teach by building world-class leadership teams and brands.

Monte Morgan

Vice President of Operations
Monte has been on the forefront of improving processes and has worked with many Fortune 100 companies to improve processes and implement technologies that help improve the overall quality and customer experience.  Has implemented enterprise learning management systems through content development and delivery.  He holds a Master’s in Quality Assurance and Process Improvement.  
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Spirit Manager
Jen Misto

Jen Misto

Sales Director, Southern Virginia
Jen brings a wealth of expertise and a deep passion for the industry. As the founder and owner of her own successful tasting company, TAPT, spanning over the past 16 years. With over 30 years of collective experience, Jen has also honed her skills in the wine distributor and supplier relations as well as restaurant management. Jen's unique blend of entrepreneurship, industry insight, and commitment to integrity is a perfect match for our values-driven approach. 

Lisa Michaely

Lisa is a native of Northern Virginia. She has a passion for wine and traveling to wine regions in the US and Europe. After14 years with Freddie Mac, she brings solid experience in process management, accounts receivable and human resources to our team.

David Worrell

An accomplished entrepreneur, analyst, and author, He brings a background in system(s) improvement(s), KPI development, and executive-level entrepreneur experience. We are proud to have added him to our team!

Tammy Gray

Training & Social Media Coordinator
Tammy has over 30 years of experience in management and customer service. As a NOVA Tastings Trainer, she ensures all SuperNOVAs follow our proprietary sampling protocols. She also handles our social media exposure by being in the field and providing content on our social platforms.
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Ground Control, NOVA Support
Grace started as a SuperNOVA and is continuing to utilize her experience to take the lead role for Ground Control. We are proud to have her. Ground Control is our key differentiator between NOVA Tastings and our competition.

Interested in becoming a Super NOVA? Click here to find out more!


We can help you build your brand, instead of your flagship!


We receive real-time reporting from our team in the field. This allows us to immediately address any product concerns, team punctuality, distributor display executions, and locating back stock before the event begins.

Follow Through

We provide in-depth recaps into your events with full summaries for follow-ups and rebuy opportunities to reduce inventory gaps quickly. We can also offer monthly support materials based on target objectives, PFP’s, and audits.


Let us help you orchestrate the perfect events with in-store samplings. Our SuperNOVA Team is well educated on your product and looks forward to pouring energy into your portfolio! We have monthly team meetings to review upcoming programs so we are all on the same page.


We welcome you to contact us for more information
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