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We are not a fly-by-night company. If you are looking to make additional income, and are an extroverted passionate person, you can make some bank here. We pay $25-$30 an hour to stand in grocery stores and promote certain products.

Current Availability

Here are our current shifts throughout NOVA, DC, and Western MD:

*Just a Reminder: We want mature professionals representing our customers and us! If you happen to be in the 21-25 college student range and need resume filler, you will be able to promote brand development, work with social media experts, understand P&L Forecasting, and general business operations.

Mon 4-7PM

Thurs 4-7PM

Friday 11-2PM

Friday 3-7PM

Saturday 11-2PM

Saturday 3-7PM

Sunday 12-3PM

Sunday 3-6PM

The Facts

We are hiring 25 W2 employees and 30 1099 Employees to help us with marketing consumer product goods in grocery stores and club stores, like Costco, in the greater Northern VA area, including DC and Western MD. If selected, you will have an incredible opportunity. Work as many shifts as you want through our online portal! This position is the most important role within our company as you are the products lifeline to the consumer, the account, the supplier, and us. We are a Drama Free, exciting place to work, and a group of professionals that enjoy talking about products and getting paid!

Our management team has over 25 years of experience in this industry. We serve as a communication liaison between all parties, ensuring promotional execution. We educate and consult with distributors, suppliers, chains, and on/off-premise establishments throughout the industry.

If you are passionate, extroverted, and like to make money, please send your resume and drop us a quick line to Please put in Subject Line, "SUPER NOVA Opportunity". We look forward to hearing from you.

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